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Taking it easy,
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At Zeffer we have approached sustainability through the lens of Kaitiakitanga - guardianship and protection. This traditional Māori world view resonates with us in its commitment to conserving, replenishing, and safeguarding for the future.

An eco-conscious supply chain

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Connection to the land

We have an intrinsic connection to our land here in Hawke’s Bay – especially the orchards and apples we rely on to be able to craft our range of beverages.

We are fortunate that our beverage-making process is naturally sustainable and generates little waste, but we do have an impact and as we grow so too does our footprint. We are committed to minimising and offsetting this impact and are actively looking for ways we can have a positive effect on our environment, people, and community. Our goal is to tread lightly from orchard to can.

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Our journey

We are on a journey of analysis and improvement and have set ourselves some lofty short, medium, and long-term sustainability goals. We are pleased to have once again completed our Zero Carbon Business Operation EKOS Certification for the 2023 financial year, meaning we are still proudly New Zealand’s first and only Zero Carbon cidery.

Our 2023 financial year emission and offset summary is available here.

We continue to make sustainability a priority within our business and decision-making and focus on the areas where we can have the biggest impact. The support from EKOS has been integral in guiding us to do so. As we learn and grow, we’re also committed to sharing our insights with any other businesses - be it from running zero waste events, our waste minimisation programme or simply commitment to 100% recyclable packaging.

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