Our Story

Picture this: it’s late in the afternoon, the sun kisses your shoulders, there’s a gentle breeze in the toi toi and you’re sharing a laugh with old friends. Good news - you have nowhere to be for the foreseeable.

Freshly crushed,
or freshly squeezed

We made our home Hawke’s Bay for good reason; it’s the home of sunshine and apples for starters. We’re right at the source for crisp apples, zesty lemons and a bounty of fresh ingredients crucial for our delicious thirst quenchers.

Hawke's Bay is also home to some of the world’s best beverage crafters. We’re proud to call these passionate makers, family. Crafting, brewing, distilling and creating the finest drinks like cider, real fruit RTDs, the zingiest Alcoholic Ginger Beer and more; Zeffer makes the freshest drinks that taste like sunshine and each sip transports you to sunny Hawke’s Bay.