Crisp Apple Cider 1L

Crisp Apple Cider 1L

A classic crisp apple cider and the first we ever crafted. It’s dry, tangy green apple goodness in a 1L glass flagon. 


SILVER - NZ Cider Awards 2019
CHAMPION CIDER – New World Beer & Cider Awards 2018
BRONZE – NZ Cider Awards 2018
BRONZE – NZ Brewer’s Guild Awards 2018 & 2017
BRONZE – Asia Beer Awards 2016

Infused with real fruit

100% real fruit, with apples freshly crushed and grown in Hawkes Bay's sunshine.

how it's made

Hand-crafted seasonally in small batches, from fresh crushed juice. Not from concentrate.

We have an intrinsic connection to our land here in Hawke’s Bay – especially the orchards and apples we rely on to be able to craft our ciders. We are committed to minimising and offsetting this impact and are actively looking for ways we can have a positive effect on our environment, people, and community.

Keepers of Our Craft: Jody Scott, Head Cidermaker at Zeffer Cider

First up in our series of six is Jody Scott, our head cidermaker here are Zeffer.

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