Zeffer 0% Passionfruit Cider

Summer is right around the corner and we’re so excited to share our newest release with you: our brand new Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade. It’s your favourite refreshing lemonade, reimagined. And quite possibly your new favourite summer drink!

“We’ve been experimenting with how to craft the most refreshing alcoholic lemonade and we’re excited to share our twist on this classic. It’s a true celebration of New Zealand ingredients, Kiwi ingenuity and our commitment to sustainability,” says Jody Scott, head of cidermaking and operations at Zeffer.

While this is not a cider, in true Zeffer fashion we’re still keeping things real and have crafted this one using nothing but real fruit and the highest quality ingredients.

Our Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade is crafted using freshly squeezed Hawke’s Bay lemons and a special blend of spirits made from Hawke’s Bay apples and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. We’ve left this one unfiltered for an extra burst of lip smacking lemon flavour. And like everything we make it’s also vegan friendly and gluten free.

“We’ve created a unique blend of spirits made from Hawke’s Bay apples and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, resulting in a deliciously tropical, light spirit that shines through the freshly squeezed, unfiltered lemon base,” says Scott.

The spirits used in this blend are produced through the making of 0% cider and 0% wine. Through a bit of clever experimentation, we’ve found a way to turn what would otherwise be a wasted by-product into something truly delicious.

“We continue to make sustainability a priority within our business and focus on the areas where we can have the biggest impact,” says Josh Townsend, Zeffer CEO. “While creating our Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade we identified two key opportunities to improve our footprint, both in waste diversion through the spirit blend we’ve created and also in our packaging.”

We found ourselves in a bit of an unusual situation this year, thanks to some supply changes driven mainly by the pandemic that resulted in us having a surplus of cans that we didn’t have a home for. Rather than recycle these brand new cans that were perfectly useable, we chose to design and print labels that would allow us to repurpose them, ensuring they didn’t end up in the recycling stream before they had been used.

“Though we’ll eventually print cans, the initial release will see a variety of other Zeffer cans covered up with the Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade label. We know our fans will notice the re-labelled cans, but we hope they’ll see the positive side of repurposing the cans like we do. It’s the kind of win-win situation we strive for, acting in a way that’s not only good for business but good for our planet too,” says Townsend.

You’ll find our new Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade in a 6-pack of cans in liquor stores and on tap throughout New Zealand. You can also pick some up from our Taproom or visit our online shop to have some sent straight to your door.