Keepers of Our Craft: Kim Morgan, Potter

As heroes of the humble apple and keepers of our craft, we're all about making real Hawke’s Bay cider, seltzer and alcoholic ginger beer from the best local apples and real fruit here at Zeffer. We champion a commitment to true craft and innovation, and consider ourselves very lucky to be part of a unique community of New Zealand crafters and makers of all kinds who create some really amazing things. We spoke to local Hawke's Bay potter Kim Morgan to hear more about his craft, his sources of inspiration and how he makes space to connect with the people who matter most.

Kim is an incredibly skilled master potter who lived and worked in a number of places, including Australia and the Channel Islands, before returning to New Zealand with his wife Debbie and their children, to set up a studio along the banks of the Tukituki River, Hawke's Bay. We're big fans of his work and can often be found eyeing up the pieces he releases on his online shop. We're even lucky enough to have some of Kim's work in our Taproom - he crafted the beautiful ceramic lights that hang in front of our taps!

Read on to learn a bit more about Kim, what inspires his work and what how he makes space to connect with the people who matter most to him.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with you once before! Can you tell us a bit about those beautiful ceramic lights you crafted for our Taproom?

The brief came from the interior designers Biddy and Brady. The light shades were an architecture feature. My work is quietly understated; not obvious, but adds to the ambience of the room. I made the light shades in Malo too!

As a now Hawke’s Bay local who’s worked and trained in quite a few places, how do you find the region influences or inspires your work?

Ambience of the area in relation to lifestyle and life balance, one of the reasons for being in Hawke's Bay. The abundance of fresh produce helps to sell my dinnerware too!

Do you find your craft to be one that’s firmly rooted in tradition, or do you find there are many opportunities to be creative and innovative as well? Or maybe a mix of both?

Firmly rooted in tradition, no rules to stop the creative and innovative juices except my imagination

With what must be a full on schedule creating for both your shop and commercial clients (like us!) or restaurants, plus teaching workshops, how do you make space to connect with those who matter most to you?

As mentioned before it’s all to do with lifestyle …… We don’t have a ‘Shop’ but people can visit the workshop by appointment to chat to me about their projects, might find something on the shelf to their liking, or order directly off the website. We live on a lifestyle block, so I could be up to anything that day, so that’s why I like people to call or text before they arrive, as it can be a wasted journey, but the views on the way are well worth the trip!

My wife runs the business side, so I am able to run away at times! I love tramping, mountain bike riding and snow skiing when I get the chance. I do like to trail run and can found on Te Mata Peak when not injured (which has happened a lot this year!)

Any advice or other words of wisdom you’d share with someone who wants to try their hand at pottery?

20 years to learn, 20 years to forget and then you make some decent pots. The best thing I made was what I last made, and next thing I make will be even better! Unfortunately it takes a while to get to the easy part, like everything it takes practice!

Do you have a favourite Zeffer?

I'm a fan of an ice cold Alcoholic Ginger Beer on a hot Hawke's Bay day. My wife and kids are the big cider fans!